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1-According to Huber, “Reengineering is a radical redesign of business processes.” (Huber 242) The nurse manager plays a big role in health care in general, as the nurse manager allocates available resources, coordinate activities, facilitate interactive management, and have major responsibility for implementing the vision, mission, philosophy, goals, plans, and standards of the organization and nursing services. (Huber 34)

Now that we defined these two items, how do they co-relate? Well, nurse managers are on the front lines with the staff serving in front line roles. These nurse managers have a hand both on what goes on in the day-to-day and are a link to administration. Nurse managers are coordinating what happens on the front lines with patients and with administration to make things run as smooth as possible. These are the people who are a voice in administration for direct care providers.

Teamwork designs have become popular in healthcare organizations. Because middle managers oversee these team initiatives, their potential to influence innovation implementation has grown. Future research should investigate middle managers’ role in healthcare innovation implementation. Findings may aid top managers in leveraging middle managers’ influence to improve the effectiveness of healthcare innovation implementation. (Birken)


Birken, S. A., Lee, S. D., & Weiner, B. J. (2012). Uncovering middle managers role in healthcare innovation implementation. Implementation Science,7(1). doi:10.1186/1748-5908-7-28

Huber, Diane. Leadership and Nursing Care Management, 5th Edition. Saunders, 10/2013. VitalBook file.


2-there are so many changes happening in healthcare today, I agree nurse leaders are important. In the recent years we have seen the insurance companies and the healthcare providers unite, to provide a more efficient system with the focus on cost-effectiveness. These mergers dissolve the traditional building blocks of the healthcare system (Kacik, 2016). The changes will improve patient care and decrease healthcare spending. This relationship will provide evidenced based care and create a more integrated full-service provider. These deals are happening because the consumer is the top priority in healthcare. (Kacik, 2016).

As a case manager in the emergency department, I find people do not know how to navigate the healthcare system appropriately. The emergency department is often used for minor issues, that are not emergencies. The rise of urgent care centers and Walgreens clinics has not deterred people from using the ED for minor, non-urgent care. I recently saw a person come with an irritated cuticle on their finger. I saw a mother bring a toddler with a small rash on his leg. Only a few examples that shock me. This is a huge cost for the health care system that we are currently, tactfully trying to address. There are so many more cost-efficient alternatives in health care. We cannot deny care to anyone, yet education regarding improper use of the emergency department is becoming a top priority.


Kacik, A. (2016, December). Healthcare mega-mergers dominate 2017 – Modern Healthcare. http://www.modernhealthcare.com/article/20171226/NEWS/171229957

3-I agree, nurse leaders have taken on the role of negotiator and conflict manager. We have seen many changes recently in healthcare and I believe it is going to continue. I think nurses are resilient, we have faced many changes and managed to carry on. I also feel the delivery of the information is the most important aspect. The staff needs to be gently guided into the changing status. We usually hear about the upcoming changes before they actually occur, which gives us time to process everything. When the changes happen, there are multiple personalities and each individual has their own way of dealing with change. The role of the nurse leader has been an important addition in the hospitals. There is a person to talk to and offer support, answer questions and clarify the changes. Often mangers and administration are not approachable, having a nurse leader is an important asset in our field.


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