1400 words essay about chinese internet freedom outline and bibliography is ready continue to work base on my work

Essay Length: 1,400-1,500 words. This word length includes in-text citations.The title page and list of references do not count in the paper’s word length.

It is expected that students will apply the comments their TA provided on the proposal and annotated bibliography to develop this essay. Remember, the purpose of the essay is to present an argument to a posed research question (you should have a viable research question at this point) and support the argument. Students must use 6 academic sources to write their essay. Students are not permitted to use the readings they selected for their critical documentary analysis or the textbook for this assignment.Students may use one or two non-academic sources, provided they also use 6 scholarly source and that the bulk of their research comes from those scholarly sources.Please consult the rubric on how students will be graded, but such criteria like organization, strength of thesis, analysis, evidence and proper essay mechanics will play a factor in the grade. There are also essay workshops on the Sakai site to help students with essay development and writing.

Students can use either APA, MLA or Chicago for their referencing – do not forget in-text citations or footnotes/endnotes (depending on format used) when quoting and paraphrasingyour sources. Please double space your assignment and use 12 size Times New Roman font. Please use the title page format found on the second page of the assignment script.

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