2 discussions on fundamentals of nursing

Discussion #1:

1) Case Studies for Bowel Elimination:

Pt is a 72-year-old female who complains of abdominal fullness and pain in her LLQ. She has not had a bowel movement for 6 days, and she states that this is not her normal bowel regimen. She lives in an extended care facility and has a history of hypertension, Parkinson’s disease, and arthritis. She is currently taking carbamazipine to control her Parkinson’s disease. She is non-ambulatory, however, is able to sit in a Cadillac chair with assistance. She admits to a loss of interest in food and doesn’t like the taste of the water provided.


A. Identify the risk factors that lead to the development of the problem.

B. Give at least five nursing intervention to promote bowel elimination

2) Describe urinary retention, factors causing retention, complications of urinary retention, signs, and symptoms of urinary retention. Give a nursing assessment and interventions of urinary retention with goals and outcomes of urinary retention.

Discussion #2:

Using Chapter 48 PDF, answer the following questions.

1. Because of the foul-smelling tan-colored drainage from Mrs. Stein’s hip incision, the staples were removed by the health care provider, and an order was written for moist saline gauze dressing to the area 3 times a day. When the dressing is removed, which factors are critical to assess?

2. A head-to-toe skin assessment is done per institutional policy each shift or on a daily basis. At the most recent assessment of Mrs. Stein’s skin, blistering was noted over the sacral area; on direct examination it was a small area of denuded tissue with redness around the blistered area. The area was found to have minimal depth and a red, moist base. How would you describe the impairment in skin integrity in your charting?

3. What will you include in your plan of care for Mrs. Stein to address the impairment in skin integrity in the sacral area?

Answers must be in complete sentences and in APA format.

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