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Topic: Letter to an imaginary friend.


Write a letter of 2 pages. Address the letter to an imaginary friend (you must give her or him a name!) who is considering moving to the United States and starting a business (wants to invest in the U.S. economy) and raising a family. she or he is concerned because this is an election year for the president of the United States and because of 1) the attempt to impeach the current president and 2) the process of narrowing the field of Democratic challengers to the current two. Choose one of those two areas as your focus and discuss whether this is or is not a good time to move to the United States. In writing your letter, try to do the following:

  • Focus your opinions;
  • Support all of your opinions with reasons and facts (to the best that you can recall them from memory, including the source where you may have encountered those facts. In other words, try to avoid merely implying, “Everybody know that…”);
  • In formulating your response consider other perspectives in the process of expressing your own perspective;
  • Strive for clarity (use concrete rather than metaphorical language) and conciseness;
  • Throughout the letter, keep the reader in mind about your perspective;
  • Keep the tone formal. If you must use the first or second person pronouns

For the comment:

You need to write two paragraphs with minimum of 5 sentences each paragraph

Note: I will be provided the info about the comment

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