2 part anthropology discussion board 4

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This week we are talking about subsistence strategies or food getting strategies and economics. Food, water and shelter are the basics of what everyone needs to survive and yet there are people who are starving, going without clean drinking water and with no shelter every night – not just around the world but in the United States. Flint Michigan still doesn’t have clean drinking water and in some areas of California there is no clean water to drink. Wells have come up dry and we have been in a drought for many years. This year and last year were exceptions because our snowpack here in northern California has been pretty good and with the past few storms, it looks like farmers will have water for their crops. – Ok so that is some background for this discussion.

Many countries have moved into using technology and even genetically modified seeds to get the most of their crop harvest; but what harm has this done to our environment? For over 300,000 years we have been foragers/hunters and gatherers, not taking more than what we have needed from our environment to sustain our small populations specifically designed to live within a sustainable environment. But with the development of horticulture and pastoralism approximately 10,000 years ago (Neolithic Revolution), we began to have food surplus and with that we developed food preservation techniques and were able to have more kids or larger populations; which in turn needed more food. Then with agriculture and intensive/industrial ag. we went beyond what we needed to sustain us – we began to use fertilizers and irrigation to get the most out of the soil and we moved into a market economy of trade and now currency for food items. But we are way beyond our sustainable environment and our population is over 7 billion in the world today. Is this system sustainable the way it is? Why or why not? What can we do to become sustainable once more – like we were in balance with our environment before the Neolithic Revolution? Come up with some ideas about what we can do to get back into balance.

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