2 part response 1

Part 1 – discussion

Read the article and answer following questions (200 words minimum in total)

Article: It’s later than you think (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/its-later-than-you-think-j-r-storment/?src=aff-lilpar&veh=aff_src.aff-lilpar_c.partners_pkw.10078_plc.Skimbit%20Ltd._pcrid.449670_learning&trk=aff_src.aff-lilpar_c.partners_pkw.10078_plc.Skimbit%20Ltd._pcrid.449670_learning&clickid=zq6wSYxTuxyJUbT0UfQwQyYMUklSeRVORWhS0I0&irgwc=1)

Discussion questions to answer:

1.What is your general reaction to this post?

2.Looking at your current life/work/school balance, does this post make you rethink your current breakdown? Even if you’re not a parent, think about it from the balance you have with school/work and your personal/family life (i.e. siblings, parents, friends, partner, etc.).

3.Looking to the future, how can you make sure you have the work/life balance you desire? This balance is going to be different for each person, the key is making sure you take steps and that you are aware of the balance you desire.

Part 2 – interview

See attachment for detailed instruction

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