3 pages essay answer both a and b question

Please read the material and upload your written answers to the following questions by 4/8 9am:

Answer both A and B:

You should submit no more than 3-pages 12-point font total for this whole assignment, both A and B combined.

A. In full sentences, and using your own understanding, explain how Paolo Freire defines/describes each of the following. Make sure to cite the exact pages and precise quotations from which you find the information to back up your explanation. Please make sure to cite your material according to the Chicago Manual style of citation, available at Online Writing Lab, at Purdue University, at: https://owl.purdue.edu/

You should answer these questions in your own individual words, and with your own individual understanding.

Questions for the material by Paolo Freire: 1 -1.5 pages total, 12-point font, all questions included.

1 Oppressor/Oppressed, Dominant & Elite classes, Peasant & Proletarian classes

2 Banking vs. problem-based education

3 The process of Liberation– liberation as always unfinished and collective– not final product to be individually consumed

4 “Being for self”/possessor of self and others

5 “being for another”/ alienated from self/provider for another

6 Oppressive vs. Liberational Freedom

7 Fear of freedom

8 Finally, write a paragraph in which you connect these ideas to a current global critical situation

B. Following the writing guidelines given above, write answers to the following questions on the article ” A Pedagogy of Empathy for A World of Atrocity”

1 How are pedagogy, empathy and atrocity connected, according to this article?

2 What is the role of culture in the relationship among them?

3 Why is empathy necessary to pedagogy?

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