3 simple questions 250 word written assignment

In “Television and the Family Circle,” media historian Lynn Spigel examines the effect of television on American life during the 1950s, drawing attention to its place in the home and its rearrangement of domestic relationships.

In this response, please address the following questions:

1) Where were early televisions placed and what did they replace in many homes?

2) How was the television integrated into the decorating style and decor of 1950’s homes? Why did some people want to “camouflage” their televisions or make them “invisible”?

3) What negative effects was television feared to have on children? Which kind of television shows did kids prefer, contrary to the wishes of their parents? In the context of children’s television watching, whose “authority” was undermined?

In each of these 250-word written assignments,studentswill respond to a series of prompts that address specific ideas and concepts in the assigned reading(s) for that day. Each guided response submission will be evaluated according to the student’s level of engagement with the prompts and demonstrated comprehension of the course reading mate

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