3 writing questions 1

  • The Assessment Book – Assignment 1 is a booklet which outlines the requirements for Assignment 1.
  • Second work your way through Modules 1, 2 and 3 materials located on the course activity page. Module 1Module 1 introduces you to
    • the idea of what an assumption is and
    • why managers should be aware of the assumptions they make.

    This is background material only for the assignment.Module 2Module 2 introduces you to

    • the assignment task itself – Go to Module 2 for a tutorial that will help you read and understand the assignment task (Tutorial 02.01) and
    • the theory you will use in the assignment – Go to module 2 for a recorded lecture and links to 3 YouTube presentations that present the actual theory you will use in the assignment.

    In Module 2 you will learn about some assumptions you may be making as a student about your own ability. In assignment 1 you are asked to become aware of assumptions you may have made about your ability in the past and their impact on your performance. In Assignment 1 you are also asked to explain how you are going to manage your mindset (and the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that accompany your mindset) in the coming semester. You view a lecture and 3 YouTube presentations to get the bulk of the theory you will use in the assignment. This module also includes tips on how to apply theory about mindsets to your experience.Module 3 Module 3 is all about how you present your assignment.It covers for example how you organise your ideas, how to reference sources in your assignment and how to physically submit your assignment amongst other things.

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