4 questions about the story of prometheus

The Story of Prometheus

The full title of Frankenstein is Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus. It would be worth knowing a little bit about who Prometheus is and why Frankenstein is a modern version of him. So, who is he? (Besides a Titan who gets to be chained to a mountain having his liver pecked at by an eagle for years.)

I will say that Prometheus was a Titan from Greek Mythology who played an important role in the development of the Human Race. I’ll give you a few sites to search (feel free to find others) and you’re going to answer the questions below:


Summary of Greek Creation Myth



1. What role did Prometheus play in the creation of humans?

2. What did he do that angered Zeus enough to punish him?

3. What other characters can you think of that Prometheus might be compared to? Demonstrate why you think they are similar. (There are many, but if you need a hint, one of them is Jesus.)

4. Do you think that human beings would’ve been okay on their own if he had not interfered? Support your conclusion.

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