5 page paper on vanderbilt case

Clinical Makeup Assignment Fall 2018

Please complete a minimum of five pages (content) paper using APA for spacing and in-text citations. Include a cover page and a reference page, but do not count those in the 5 pages. You do not need to include an abstract or other elements of an APA research paper. Just use APA for basic format and citations.

Include a minimum of 3 scholarly references. Paper will include a well thought out introduction, body, and conclusion.


In recent events, a nurse at Vanderbilt Hospital administered the wrong medication, resulting in the patient’s demise. Explore and discuss this current event, MINIMALLY including the following:

  • Discuss what is know about the case, and where is stands and what is next.
    • When did the error occur?
    • Why did it take so long to come to light?
    • What is the current status of the nurse?
  • Discuss/explore what safety measures were in place to prevent this tragic event
    • Were they enough?
    • Suggest and elaborate on more safety measures.
    • Did the nurse follow them?
      • Speculate as to why or why not?
  • Include information on rate of fatal and non-fatal medication errors in the US.
  • Include standard safety measures that should be in place to prevent all medication errors.
  • What is the NCSBN and the KS State practice acts’s stance on patient safety?
  • Include a personal opinion section on the case.
    • Do you think the nurse or the hospital should be at fault?
    • Elaborate as to why or why not and detail your answers.
    • How could the orientee could have helped? And was it her position to do so?
    • Based on the given information, do you think the nurse was qualified to give the ordered medication?
      • Support your answer.

You will be graded on the following:

  • Overall content- Uses scholarly references to support content in a cohesive manner
  • Grammar/structure – Includes well constructed Intro/Body/conclusion
  • Inclusion of above points- Minimally covers above points in a cohesive manner
  • APA – uses proper 6th Ed. APA guidelines for in-text citations and reference page and basic format of spacing.

If the paper is not satisfactory, it will result in a fail for the day and for clinical. This paper should take the same amount of time as a makeup day, and is thusly considered a fair trade for inability to make up a clinical day.

Here are a few resources on the topic in question to get you familiar with the case (Zdog is not a scholarly reference…can be included, but you will still need your scholarly (peer reviewed) references):



https://zdoggmd.com/incident-report-203/—- this has the CMS case report. Quite interesting.

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