6 Ground Reasons to Write an Essay on your Own


The majority of students find writing difficult. It is. Creating an essay is both demanding and time consuming. The number of demands in the today’s assignments, lack of understanding of how to meet professors’ expectations, lack of time, lack of commitment… All this makes students lose confidence ask oneself, “why write essays at all?”

The sites offering custom writing that will free you from the need to write on your own abound on the internet and they will probably try to convince you essay writing should better be left to professionals… If you feel like giving in to this argument, consider the reasons for writing essays on your own first.

          1. Essay writing builds your personality

Believe me, often, we do not realize what our views really are until we try to formulate it as an argument. We usually choose the topic we have already formed personal opinion about. However, coming to know the opposing views, various examples, implication, and unpredicted consequences of the issue, we may see our views were stereotyped and uninformed. Even if we do not change the position, writing helps us appreciate that everything is not so black or white as we originally thought.

          2. Writing essays on your own helps you avoid possible consequences of cheating

The successful plagiarism free essay written by the professional writer does not guarantee ultimate success. Professors have a great feel for the style of writing. Being ‘uncovered’ due to a sudden improvement of your writing skills is only one side of the coin. Handing in an excellent essay written by somebody else, remember – high praise creates high expectations. Instead of improving yourself (and being praised for that!), you can be dragged into ordering from the same writer until the end of the course.

Another case is the follow-up exercises, which deal with analyzing the ways you worked on the task. So easy and enlightening for those who did it on their own; so embarrassing and stressful for those who didn’t.

          3. Completing assignements makes your education pay off

The worth of education in both its literary and figurative meanings is a much-debated issue nowadays. Its worth is questioned even more, if students don’t do the assignments themselves. You pay so much money to learn! Why then would you like to pay someone else for learning on your tuition (this what actually happens when someone else reads the interesting resources, suggested by your professor, writes the essay, and gets feedback). What is more, students using writing help spend much time choosing the best service, which requires much reading, comparison and analysis. Isn’t it better, thus, to spend your efforts in the meaningful and fruitful way writing the essay on your own?

          4. Essays are the way to express your views and yourself

Unlike public people, we are rarely asked to express our opinions. A writing assignment is a great chance to do it. Nevertheless, the usual prohibition of using personal evaluative statements, as well as the demand to cite credible sources makes many students perceive that the professors don’t want to hear their opinions, considering them irrelevant or less worthy. Don’t be discouraged by such demands! Imagine someone saying, “It is right because I say so”. Does he sound persuasive to you? Considering that the issues are debatable, you are sure to find sources to support your opinion.

          5. Academic writing improves your language

To write something you have to read many good-quality writings, which will certainly enrich your vocabulary. What is more, rephrasing and generalization of author’s words, which are necessary to avoid plagiarism, is a great language exercise for both learners and native speakers.

          6. Completing an essay is a challenge

Each time you don’t feel like writing on you own – think of it as a challenge, which it certainly is. Therefore, the more difficult the assignment seems to you at first, the more sense of achievement you are going to get once it is finished.

Remember, hesitations about academic language or coherent structure of your essay should never discourage you from writing essays on your own. If you still feel stressed about writing your essay, feel free to consult me or use essay services to make sure you hand in a decent paper.

About the Author: Roselyn

Hi, I am Roselyn and love engaging, fit for purpose, and edited to perfection writing. Feel free to reach out to work with me, suggest topic ideas, or give feedback on Make a Stand – the project I passionately grow for more than 3 years now.

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