6 questions for midterm exam 500 words each about healthcare problems

  • Write an overview of the Healthy People Initiative.What were the first original goals set for the program, 2000 goals, 2010 goals, 2020 goals, and the 2030 goals?In your opinion what has improved over the years, what still needs to be improved and why?
  • What are the purpose/goals of screenings?Are the screenings for individuals only, please explain why or why not.List five screenings you feel are most important for the population to complete. Explain some of the ethical issues about screenings.
  • Explain what important information one needs to know about the Vital Signs:Pulse, Respirations, and Blood Pressure. What are the recommended numbers or ranges?
  • Describe “Chronic Disease.” Compare the top 5 Chronic Diseases listed as Health Problems in America today and write an overview of each one. Also what of the top five causes of deaths, why? Why is it important to get individuals to understand the importance of prevention?
  • Compare these 3 Respiratory Diseases:Influenza, Asthma, and COPD.Describe the causes, symptoms, treatment, complications, and costs.
  • Describe Coronary Artery Disease. Compare any differences between men and women. Explain each risk factor to people need to understand and what can be done to prevent them, improve them, or live with them. Explain Ventricular Fibrillation (V-Fib).
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