800 1000 words essay 1

Community engagement has a long history in the Western world, with the women’s rights movements, labourmovements, environmental activism, and civil rights movements. China too has a long tradition of movements for community engagement and inclusivity, which has helped to shape the country as it is today.

You are to do your own research into one aspect of community engagement in the history of China (or in China today). You can consider any one of the topics we have discussed in class to date, including gender equality, the environment, rural China, people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, etc. or any other topic that is of interest to you. You must relate your essay to the ppt I attached.

Your essay should be between 800 and 1000 words long. To write your essay, you should reference a minimum of five journal articles, books, book chapters, reports etc., of which at least two need to be peer-reviewed. You should follow the APA style for your referencing. If you are not sure how to reference in APA the OWL Perdue webpage is super helpful.

The grade of this assignment accounts for 20% of your total. Your final mark will be determined based on the following:

• Clear introduction describing which aspect of community engagement in China will be discussed in the paper

• An introduction and discussion of the historical development, key events and characteristics, cultural origins, and societal impacts of the social movement in question

• The use of appropriate evidence

• Appropriate referencing of sources used in the essay – a minimum of five sources, of which two at least must be peer-reviewed

• Following essay format in your writing, including a clear introduction and conclusion, as well as a logical presentation of your research

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