A 1-2 page letter of support or opposition to a “proposed” (pending) health related law (i.e., Global preferred, but Federal, State or Local bills are acceptable) is required.


(Month) (Day) (Year)

The Honorable (First name) (Last name)

(Room Number), State Capitol

(City),(State)    (Zip Code)

RE: (state the topic or include the bill number, author and subject and state whether your group is writing to support or oppose a particular legislative bill)

Dear (Assembly Member/Senator) (Last name):

Our names are (state your names). We are (state who you are – for example: students; advocates; community member or other) who resides in your district (if applicable).

(State why your group supports or opposes the bill here. Choose up to three of the strongest points that support your position and state them clearly. Remember to include citations to “authoritative external sources”)

(Include a personal story. Tell your representative why the issue is important to your group and how it affects you, your family member and your community.)

(Tell your representative how your group wants her or him to vote on this issue and ask for a response. Be sure to include your name and address on both your letter and envelope.)


Print your names

Street address

City, State, Zip code

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