a powerpoint for fake news presentation very simple and short

Fake News Presentation.

Fake News…

Or is it?

Are you getting your information from a “Fake News” source? How do you know? How do we decide if the information presented in an article is “Fake” or “Real”? Who’s the ultimate determiner of fact and fiction?

  • As we go through our UnResearch unit this semester you will be working with a group to verify article reliability. You’ll do this, individually, for the articles you select to support your thesis and, as a group, for an article you’ll present to the class. The presentation will give a basic overview of the article, present questions that will help students determine fact or fiction, allow for students to come to their own conclusions, and facilitate a class discussion.
  • As we begin our discussions on the UnResearch project, I’ll present a few methods of verification and a few articles as examples. But largely, this is on you to determine. You MUST be able to verify a source to write a credible argument.
  • Steps in the project:
    • Your group will agree on an article, news or scholarly, to present.
    • Your group will determine if the article is “Fake” or “Real” news or research.
    • Your group will use at least one other resource to show your article’s reliability or falseness.
    • Your group will post the article on Canvas at least three days before your presentation.
    • Your group will give a brief (three to five minute) discussion of the article and ask your classmates to decide if the article is “fake” or “real” news.
    • Then, without showing your group’s reinforcing piece of literature, your group will allow students to argue their side (why they believe it’s “Real” or “Fake” news).
    • Finally, after your classmates have come to a conclusion, your group will present your supporting documents to verify that the article presents “Fake” or “Real” news.

This should be a fun exercise that engages the class but take it seriously enough that your grade isn’t damaged.



· Your group presented the article without giving away side.

· Your introduction presented the details of the article completely without intentionally leaving out important details of the article.

· Your group discusses where the article was originally published

Group Discussion:

· Your group facilitated a meaningful group discussion

· Your group allowed ample time for other students to make a determination

· Your group selected an appropriate article


· Your group found evidence to support your determination of the article

· Your group used that evidence to show the class why it was “Real” or “Fake” news or research

On April 6th, by midnight, the remaining groups will post PowerPoint Presentations with their articles and instructions for you.

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