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Pine Tree Manufacturing (What Type of Computer System to Implement?)

  • Pine Tree Manufacturing is a medium-size company with regional offices in several western provinces, and manufacturing facilities in both British Columbia and Alberta. The company performs most of its important data processing tasks, such as payroll, accounting, marketing, and inventory control, on a central networked computer at corporate headquarters. However, almost all of the managers at this company also have personal computers, which they use for such personal productivity tasks as word processing, analyzing budgets (using spreadsheets), and managing the data in small databases.
  • The IT manager, Tonya Fisher, realizes that there are both advantages and disadvantages of using different types of systems to meet the processing needs of her company. While she acknowledges that many companies are racing ahead to install newer technology that allows for better-distributed access (possibly through the Internet or cloud computing), she also knows that the central system has provided her company with some advantages that smaller systems cannot match.


  • 1. Identify and explain 3 Advantages and 3 Disadvantages of operating a Central Networked Computer System that are likely to be present at Pine Tree Manufacturing. Are these advantages and disadvantages likely to parallel those of other manufacturing companies? Why or why not? Cite your sources if other than Textbook used to answer question. (17 Marks Total = 12 Marks for Advantages & Disadvantages with explanations, 3 Marks answer to parallel and why, 2 Marks for Sources)
  • 2. Identify 3 factors or actions that companies experience or do to prolong the lives of their older systems and technology? Do they apply to Pine Tree Manufacturing? Explain . Cite your sources if other than Textbook used to answer question. (6 Marks Total = 3 Marks for factors, 3 Marks for explanation)
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