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Chapter 17 team discussion problem: interactive financial analysis of O’Reilly Automotive – Team 1

From ACCT&202 – 1200

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Please review the complete instructions for this forum, posted in the Chapter 17 module.

This discussion assignment has two parts.

First, calculate two ratios (calculate each ratio for both of O’Reilly’s two most recent fiscal years), and provide thoughtful analysis of what these ratios, and their trends, tell us about O’Reilly. For full credit, be sure to show your calculations. Your analysis should be approximately 2 to 4 sentences in length.

Announcement area to discuss and agree upon which student will calculate which ratios.]

Second, post comment replies that add analytical insights to the ratio calculations and analysis posted by your teammates.

–> Deadline to post your ratio calculations and analysis: 11:59pm, Tuesday, March 10th

–> Deadline to post comments on your teammates’ ratios: 11:59pm, Wednesday, March 11th

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