adolescence family and identity

The topic of this assignment is “adolescent rites of passage”.

“Broken down into its most basic elements, a rite of passage involves (1) a separation from society, (2) preparation or instruction from an elder, (3) a transition (in the case of adolescence, from child to adult), and (4) a welcoming back into society with acknowledgement of the adolescent’s changed status. The transition itself most often takes place within the format of some ceremony, many aspects of which are common to widely diverse cultures. They generally include (1) literal and spiritual cleansing, (2) physical transformation, (3) offerings, prayers, and blessings, (4) traditional.: Rites of passage in adolescence.. (n.d.) >The Free Library. (2014). Retrieved Jul 18 2019 from

Watch two of the following clips: (I am sorry that some clips have ads at the beginning- try not to turn the volume up until the ads are over(!))

1, Write down what you found interesting from each of the clips your watched (include detail).

2. What rites of passage exist for adolescents in the USA? (besides any from the video clips)? What purpose do these rites of passage serve?

3. Finally connect the ideas from these clips to at least 3 ideas (give detail- put everything into your own words) (it could be anything that you think connects, like puberty, abstract thinking, identity, parenting, culture…). Again- be sure to include information (using your own words) and from the clips for this part of the assignment. (20 pts.)

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