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End of Life

The advancement of elderly case has been determined to encompass assistance that is able and informed on the diseases prone to such age groups. It is crucial to determine the challenges and expectations required to efficiently perform those duties. This can only be properly accomplished with the right set of information accompanying the act and practice itself. It creates the need for research to accurately as possible find out what proper care can be applied. 

This can be accomplished by integration of the evidence obtained throughout all the sectors and levels concerned with that healthcare plan. This will allow seamless treatment and end of life care as it has properly seen and enforced expected conditions. This will lead to the development of newer methods that may be deemed efficient to handle such circumstances. This will lead to the promotion of the best quality practices across the dimensions and will include the assessment of physical, psychological, spiritual and interpersonal practices. It will ensure the use of the best to provide care.

In regard to decision making, the use of evidence based ethical practices will be used to avoid mistreatment of certain elderly patients. As such research ought to indicate their best interests in ensuring which manner of care being used is deemed ethical or respectable to the senior citizens. Support decision making is also encouraged to ensure their participation in whatever decision that they may come across.

In light of ethics, a measure of best practices should be placed to show quality and effectiveness of the care being provided and whether family is involved in treatment and decision making. It should also indicate the satisfaction rate of the patients, their families in the use of healthcare amenities to provide proper end-of-line care. Such research should be given the maximum support by the various stakeholders and beneficiaries of such programs for proper utilization. 


Floyd J. & Buckle J., (1987), Nursing Care of The Elderly Journal of Gerontological Nursing Vol. 13, No. 2, 20-25 accessed at:


Can you give us an example of a case when evidence base practice and establish end of life ethics helped your team to solve an end of life issue?

Thank you

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Hello class,

Please refer to your APA format in your postings. The journal name and volume is italicized font. Ex.

The American Nursing Journal,7(9),,,,

Please update your APA to reflect doi or retrieved point, Refer to your APA manual, include the doi or retrieved from .. 

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