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In this assignment I need a peer response for the main discussion, that is shown below.

The peer’s responses

Discussion Grading Criteria: Agreeing and disagreeing do not mean just voicing one’s opinion. The focus of the discussions should remain on the ideas posed in the readings. Agreeing and disagreeing mean making scholarly arguments from the literature that may support your own ideas. Faculty expects you to support your ideas from the readings or similar scholarly writing about the topic in nursing literature. Always cite your source(s) and reference in APA format.

Remember the post and responses should include scholarly writing about the topic in nursing literature.

Note por the professor:

Hello class,

Please refer to your APA format in your postings. The journal name and volume is italicized font. Ex.

The American Nursing Journal,7(9),,,,

Please update your APA to reflect doi 

Discussion 2: William Rodriguez


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In the subcategory of practice, the focal point to consider is number 3. As a nurse, one is required to note that the reality of a person’s death is something that is difficult for both the patients and their families. As a nurse, one is needed to be in a position to offer guidance to these people. In this case, he or she should be comfortable discussing about death and offer appropriate comfort to the families. In addition, the nurse should collaborate with other professionals to ensure that the most accurate information is provided. In the subcategory of education, the focal point to consider is number 1. Nurses are required to offer emotional, physical, spiritual, and practical care for patients in each phase of life (Jors et al., 2016). They spend more time with patients nearing end of life in comparison to other health professionals. For this reason, they are required to receive the training and practical experience needed to conduct the duties in the best way possible. In the research subcategory, the focal point to consider is number 1. In this case, there has been a change in medicine towards evidence based medicine. The field of palliative care covers a group of various ailments. Hence, the future of evidence based medicine needs to be diverse to make sure that all patients are able to benefit as much as possible. Lastly, in the administration subcategory, the focal point to be considered is number 1. In most cases, palliative care takes place up to the time when the patient dies. Afterwards, the process comes to an abrupt end. However, it is important to consider that the family members still require help in coping with the demise. For this reason, there should be strategies of ensuring that care is extended to family members after death.


Jors, K., Seibel, K., Bardenheuer, H., Buchheidt, D., Mayer-Steinacker, R., Viehrig, M., … & Becker, G. (2016). Education in end-of-life care: what do experienced professionals find important?. Journal of Cancer Education, 31(2), 272-278.

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