analytical report individual writing project

Analytical Report: Individual Writing Project.


Definition: Analytical Reports (See page 250):

Analytical Report offers information, detailed analysis, and recommendations on a specific issue that an organization is faced with.


#1 Select a company (preferably the one that you’re planning to work for) and write an analysis on the issue/or topic that the particular company is faced with.

For example, I would like to write an analysis report on the “parking problem” that SJSU is facing.


What is the problem or opportunity that your analysis report will address?

For Example:

        • To analyze the benefits of adopting a new employee dress code…
        • To analyze market data and present opportunities for growth
        • To introduce an alternative approach to a current problem
        • To propose solutions to declining sales
        • To justify a current change in the workplace

You Also read and follow General Outline and Required Format: Sample full report

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