annotated bibliography 802

I have already written the paper but the annotated bibliography portion of my paper is lacking.

I have already found all the articles that will be used they just need to annotated. I will attach a copy of my paper and I will attach some examples of annotated bibliography highlighted in yellow.

The first portion of the annotated bibliography should be summarizes the source. It outlines the main findings and primary methods of the study.

This second portion of the annotation analyzes the source. It explains the benefits of the source but also the limitations.

This third portion of the annotation applies the source. It explains how the source’s ideas, research, and information can be applied to my paper.

Comments from my professor: a minimum of fifteen relevant, scholarly and timely sources [preferred within three to five years]. Within each annotation is three statements. An article/source overview, what was discovered/determined and how does the source relate to the specific proposed work.

I highlighted the areas in all the attachment two are just examples the one that needs work is labeled my annotated prospectus in that I have also highlighted in the reference area the full article so that you can look them up. If by some chance you cant find one just let me know and I will send an attachment to you.

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