answer a 2 questions from playing with prejudice the prevalence and consequences of racial stereotypes in video games 1

Before You Post: Read the article “Playing with Prejudice: The Prevalence and Consequences of Racial Stereotypes in Video Games” (can be found online). Working by hand on a piece of paper, diagram the article according to the Toulmin Model, identifying the claim, reasons, evidence, and qualifiers. Identify any warrants that are either implicit or explicit, supported or unsupported. (This portion of your work will not be submitted.)

Once you’ve identified the elements of Toulmin argument, write a paragraph that explains:

  • what TYPE of argument this is (fact? definition? evaluation? causal? proposal?)
  • strengths and weaknesses of the argument with regard to your Toulmin analysis. (What could the writers have done to make their argument more convincing? Was there enough evidence? Are all warrants supported? Do they offer good reasons? What did they do particularly well?)

Use a quotation from the text to support some part of your analysis, and cite in MLA 8th edition format (in-text and in a works cited listing for the article).

Please do NOT include a summary of the article in your post, as all students are familiar with the article. But…DO practice your summary skills by writing a summary of this article on your own and sharing it with a classmate for critique!

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