Answer Please Assignment You Have Been Hired By The Cs Department To Write Code To H 2304732

answer please ?


You have been hired by the CS Department to write code to help synchronize a professor and his/her students during office hours. The professor, of course, wants to take a nap if no students are around to ask questions; if there are students who want to ask questions, they must synchronize with each other and with the professor so that

– only one person is speaking at any one time,

– each student question is answered by the professor, and

– no student asks another question before the professor is done answering the previous one.

You are to write four procedures: AnswerStart(), AnswerDone(), QuestionStart() and QuestionDone().

The professor loops running the code: AnswerStart(); give answer; AnswerDone(). AnswerStart doesn’t return until a question has been asked. Each student loops running the code: QuestionStart(); ask question; QuestionDone(). QuestionStart() does not return until it is the student’s turn to ask a question. Since professors consider it rude for a student not to wait for an answer, QuestionEnd() should not return until the professor has finished answering the question. You can use a command line interface for this program. You are free to make other design choices and be creative in your implementation. You may use any programming language of your choice.

What to Hand In:

your source code files.

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