answer quanstions

Bill and Monique are managers working in marketing. They just finished evaluations of their employees’ performance. While reviewing these performance data, you realized that Bill gave all his employees a 5 (on the scale from 1-poor to 5-outstanding), while Monique gave all her employees a 3. Describe the mechanism and relevant concepts that could explain these managerial decisions.

LeBron, VP of HR, thinks that the company’s future success should depend on boosting “creativity and agility to increase the firm’s growth potential and cutting-edge output.” He asked you to do some research regarding potential solutions. What would be your recommendations?

While reviewing available organizational data, you realized that productivity in the marketing department has significantly dropped. Marketing employees have complained about fairness of the reward system and promotion criteria. They also say that Mary, a direction, “does not follow any rules and processes.” Describe the relevant mechanism that could explain low employee productivity. What could be a solution to this problem?

Yuanyuan, an IT director, believes that diversity management should be about “making sure that our firm complies with all relevant laws and regulations.” Do you agree with her opinion? Explain and provide your rationale.

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