apa citation list 2

For this first part of your Communication Research Project, your goal is to locate 12 scholarly journal articles that (1) focus on one area of study in the field of Communication Studies and (2) are published within a Communication Studies journal. Each article must be published in a Communication Studies journal. Conference presentations and book reviews are not allowed. You are also not allowed to use journal articles read for this course.

As a general rule, make sure the article is published in a journal that has the word “COMMUNICATION” in the journal title. There are three journals that may be used that do not follow the general rule: First Amendment Studies, Quarterly Journal of Speech, and Text Performance Quarterly. These journals are published by our National Communication Association and may be used for this assignment. I recommend starting your database search by using one of the following terms: instruction, interpersonal, intercultural, organizational, media, rhetoric, performance. You may use the Subject menu on the right-hand side to narrow down your search.

You will cite your scholarly peer-reviewed journal article in APA format. Please use the Basics of APA Tutorial (Links to an external site.) when double-checking that your citations are following APA format. Please follow our course assignment guidelines outlined in our syllabus when completing this assignment. Please order your references alphabetically by the first author’s last name. You should submit all requirements in a single word document.

Here is an example of what your list would look like if you used the three journal articles we read for this week.

Cavalcante, A. (2013). Centering transgender identity via the textual periphery: TransAmerica and the “double work” of paratexts. Critical Studies in Media Communication, 30(2), 85-101.

Trujillo, N. (1992). Interpreting (the work and the talk of) baseball: Perspectives on ballpark culture. Western Journal of Communication, 56(4), 350-371.

Zurutuza-Munoz, C. & Lilleker, D. (2018). Writing graffiti on the Facebook wall: Understanding the online discourse of citizens to politicians during the 2016 Spanish election. Communication & Society, 31(3), p. 27-42.

Please post any questions you may have about this assignment in the Communication Lounge/Help Forum.

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