applied decisions methods application assignment

Module 4

Application Assignment

Application assignments require solving problems from the textbook. Most of the problems requi

re that

you use Excel QM.

The sample tutorials in the module will direct you on the required software for the

application assignments.

The answers must be submitted to the Dropbox in a Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel file. You must

state your answers within a complete sentence

so that your understanding of applying the results of the

computations can be observed.

You must also submit the original software data files to support your

answers and assist in applying partial credit if your answers are not correct. No credit will be

given if the

software files are not submitted.

For this module, you will complete the following problems from the textbook:

Chapter 6: page 227



oblem 23;


problem 36



pages 230



problem 46


Using QM




Problem 36 uses the Production Order Quantity model. This is only available using the By Chapter dropdown selection.

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