appropriate design

Watch the generators in action and in social context (same link as in PowerPoint):

Video of generators (Links to an external site.)

    • Evaluate Turbine Development, Malawi generator company
    • Answer for three topics below:

–What decisions did Turbine Development make with regards to the following topics?

–Evaluate the decisions with supporting evidence – in this situation were the decisions sound or would you recommend a different course of action?

    • Turn in a roughly 2 page Word file in to Canvas
    • Topics to be answered:

–Did the designers listen to the needs of the user?

–Should Technology Solutions Leverage
Western or Indigenous Knowledge?

–Should Technologies Rely on Local Materials, Manufacturing Operations?

–Should Technologies be Deskilled
to Allow More People to use Them?

–Is it More Important for Technologies
to Be Affordable or Durable?

–Should We Promote Economically-Beneficial Technologies that Hurt the Environment?

watch the very short video and write 2 pages (double space) with the requerments above.

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