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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Concept of human rights and its role in the legal,moral and political world. It needs to be at least 500 words.

Much more job is required to inject human rights and the voice of the migrants into the mainstream of making policy in this area. “The wider vision of human rights allows for consideration of the problems of hunger, poverty, and violence facing billions of people” (Clapham 2007).

In their human rights vision, persons are endowed, by cause of their humankind, with certain basic and unchallengeable rights. Idea of human rights offer the vocabulary for arguing regarding which interests must prevail and how best to accomplish the ends we have selected. Human Rights dealing with contempt subjects on occasion have to balance the competing interests and benefits of the constitutional right to a fair trial and the require to protect. The aspect of human rights to privacy and confidentiality, or the need to be left to oneself, is inherent to every human being. This is more apparent in the areas of hospitalization, medical care and defense of patient records. It is proposed to first think the aspect governing Human Rights Act regarding attaining consent of the patients in medical study settings previous to accepting them for bio-medical or medical research use. “So far we have resisted the temptation to claim that human rights are about balancing individual freedoms and the collective interests of the community. Such claims say very little about these rights as they melt away into the interests of the majority to live in peace and security” (Clapham 2007). The push of worldwide human rights rule is that curtailment of rights should be vindicated by reference to pre-existing rules that permit for proportionate action essential to accomplish a legitimate aim. It is seen from the theories and cases discussed above that public view is significant aspect which wants to be accepted by citizens, celebrities or otherwise. At the same time as a certain amount of accommodation and restraint wants to be offered to citizens in terms of human rights and respect for

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