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I will pay for the following essay Three essay Questions 100-150 words. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

o evidence of such a thing, one wonders if London kept a journal or diary to remember his experiences in the Klondike, which is another point brought out by the textbook as an excellent way to choose one’s topic. Still another facet for finding a topic is “Sorting out your subject” as evidenced by the example in the textbook by the person researching public transportation and sorting it into categories. buses, oceangoing, etc. Yet the one thing the textbook and Jack London speak about is the perseverance involved in writing a good work (London).

The acronym FACT is an easy to remember way of being able to revise an essay. F is for Fit and one has to ask whether every word and every sentence is part of the theme, or is it just filler? A stands for Add and many times writers, especially in the academic environment, are more concerned with word count. Yet sometimes necessary information is left out. C is the exact opposite and also deals with F. What can be Cut and still leave the main theme intact? T means the essay must be Tested, proofread, proofread! Does the point flow smoothly and if more than one, are the points separated clearly? FACT is especially pertinent when utilizing the holistic approach. That is the method during which instead of just proofreading for blatant errors, one looks at the whole essay to see if there is any room for improvement (Johnson).

In choosing Computer Science as a major, I decided to pursue the fastest growing degree program. It is a mostly modern field, for the term was just coined in 1961 and is a discipline of its own. Computer Science does not have the word “science” in its name just by coincidence. Although the programs developed have to be somewhat precise, it is full of theorems and trial and error, especially when considering whether a client’s proposal for automation is doable. There is a sub-field of the discipline called Systems Analysis strictly for this, in which the Analyst’s job is to

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