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I will pay for the following essay Same sex marriage shoul be allowed. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

There are no parts in the article that are vague or ambiguous. The writer clearly states her opinion and anchors it by using examples and evidence given by the Supreme Court, regional courts and rulings in specific states, as well as writings from the US Constitution.

The source is most credible since it gives abundant proof and evidence regarding previous trials and rulings regarding to same-sex marriages and unions,

as well as ones of opposite-sex marriages and conception of children, and the state of children it opposite-sex marriages as proof that they are not necessarily happy or even safe in that type of family.

The article doesnt use any rhetorical devices. It is written to the point, in an interesting and fluent way. It is also very straightforward and relevant, presenting the reader with all necessary facts and opinions.

The fallacies mentioned by the author are those of those who oppose same-sex marriage. She states that marriage and sex between gay people were once very prevalent and acceptable, and it wasnt until the Jewish Torah that they were banned. She also states that it is incorrect to suggest that children will not grow to be happy, healthy and safe in homes with same-sex parents, and illustrated that a staggering percentage of children who are not well taken care of come from opposite-sex homes when both parents are present (not a single parent family). Furthermore, she protests the right of religion to interfere with the institution of marriage, which is a civil right and matter.

One argument made by the writer is that marriage is a civil and most basic right which should be given to anyone who so pleases. It is a declaration of a couple who wants to be together, spend their lives together in a close and intimate relationship. Seeing as how it is a basic human right, there shouldnt be a ban on it for a segment of the society. It even predates the constitution of the US as a basic right for all

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