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Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Write a two page rationale on general addictions in Urban College Campuses (nation wide, and locally in *New Jersey) with a separate reference page.

Drug addiction has taken a new twist among the students as they are prone to health problems culminating from withdrawal effects and at times over consumption of the drugs (Verster, 2012). Products like tobacco and bhang make the users undergo multiple seizures and procrastinations after their use. Loss of memory is a common practice to addicts, and this has negatively impacted on their studies since most students have dropped out of college as a result of drug addiction.

Records from the National Narcotics Agency indicate that drug use in institutions of learning especially universities is on the rise due to the extra freedom colleges’ administration accord to students. Several cases of illegal drugs being busted in colleges have been recorded with police records indicating that in 2007 3478 cases of students in possession of Marijuana were reported with 45% of them being peddlers who sell the drugs to their colleagues within the college vicinity (Cleveland and Harris, Wiebe, 2010). Social events within colleges were the preying grounds where illegal drugs are often utilized. House parties and college discos are normally the places where most students first use drugs, and it is typically attributed to influence from fellow students. Caffeinated beverages are yet an alternate class of drugs that is promptly ill-used in learning establishments. These drinks are mainly rich in sugar and caffeine they are intended to inspire ones disposition by raising the metabolism.

College students often engage in drug abuse, sexual abuse and other related behaviors because of peer pressure. These behaviors cause both long-term and short-term repercussions on the students (Cleveland and Harris, Wiebe, 2010). For instance, academically such students start to perform poorly due to mental challenges. bad health resulting from excessive drug abuse and infection by STDs due engaging in unprotected sex among other impacts. For

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