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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Analysis of Wikipedia Project ( jason statham ). It needs to be at least 500 words.

t I would include in the article are images such as Jason Statham on action when he is acting, when he is having his life out of his career or job, as a child, and images of films that he has featured in recently. Images of Jason Statham posing with his fans could also be included in the article.

The part of the article that could be controversial is on his personal life. Most individuals know that actors and the famous people have personal lives that are questionable. Therefore, portraying him as a man who is consistent on whom he dates and his marriage life would be controversial with what the public expects.

I would verify the information on the article from journal articles that have already been written about him, from biographies that exists, and books that are about Jason Statham. In addition, some of the information could be verified from the internet since there is a lot of information on him in different websites.

The entry of information is not very long and it is neither surprising. The length is normal since most of the articles explain on the life of Jason Statham as an actor and a social being. The entry has been divided into subtopics such as Jason Statham’s early life, career, and his influence on media, his personal life, filmography, references, and the external links to the article. The article was last updated on 29 October 2014. The information that seems to be the most recent is on his personal life since it has information on who he is currently dating. There is also current information on the expendables 3 film he has recently acted. In addition, there is information on what he will act in 2015 (Messer 38).

There is visual information in form of photos and tables. There are photos of Jason Statham in various places. The table gives information on the films he has featured in and the roles he played in each of them. The photos allow the reader to know Jason Statham while the table helps the reader know the films where he has acted

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