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ce of support into a confined niche market.’ This forms the basis of this paper which seeks to answer the question of why rapid growing industries should hire from the outside rather than develop internally.

Acquisition of knowledge and experience that does not exist in your organization about specific areas is undoubtedly a major reason for hiring from outside. Getting someone who has the expertise in what you intend to do is crucial as it will help your team rapidly speed up on time to success. This is so because an expert from outside will bring along a vast experience which will help in identifying challenges and communicating the potential outcomes which are important for rapidly changing industries. According to a new survey of 400 employers conducted by the non-profit COLLEGE FOR AMERICA (2014), study revealed that most employers preferred strongly developing existing employees as opposed to hiring from outside. However, the research also showed that the major challenge for these surveyed employers show that there is a hurdle in the lack of promotable skills to enable develop internally. According to Kristine Clerkin, the Executive Director of College for America, “American employers are almost universally in agreement about the importance of building talent and leadership within the organization. That being said, nearly nine out of ten employers report a gap where their current employees are missing key promotable skills” (COLLEGE FOR AMERICA, 2014). This study shows that there is a big problem in talent development internally owing to the gap of the missing promotable skills among employees in organizations. This has seen many employers outsource to fill this gap among its employees to enable countering the pull of the market.

On the same vein, hiring enables an organization to access knowledge that could have been developed over a long time. According to research conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research from December 6 – 16 2013, “76% of

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