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cess to information and the speed in which information today spreads to the rest of the world t has further enhanced the growth and development use of digital weaving. The computerized jacquard looms as well as the thread controller no. 2 (TC2) have been in use by different designers in creating weave pieces. Lia Cook and Catherine Amidei happen to be among the few fiber designers to show case their extra-ordinary art pieces to the world and reveal the role the computers play in the world of art today.

Lia Cook is amongst the greatest fiber artists of the world and widely known for her remarkable contributions to the fiber art of the world. Having been a Professor of Art in one of the United States colleges in California-California College of Arts since 1976, she has gained a lot experience and useful in the fiber art production. The beauty of her work and her true talent has touched the hearts of many. Cook uses the digital Jacquard loom to create complex. very detailed and large-scale pieces of work of photos she had previously taken or old photos from her childhood (Weiss 10). In this regard, Cook weaves an image by use of the digital jacquard loom and makes it a monumental work that distinct itself from painting, weaving, photography or even the computer technology (Weiss 10-13). When one views Cook’s work from a distance, the images that is in black and white colors is clear and one can possibly identify the image and give a face to it since it looks like a real photograph but when one is close enough to the image. ‘nose-to-nose’, the clarity of the image disappears and one notices that it is just a weaving and not the real photograph.

Recently, Cook did integrate the use of ‘fiber tracks’ in her current fiber work. This is integration of neuroscience in art. It has been branded the art-neuroscience collaboration. Over the past few years, Cook has worked closely with a number of scientists to develop a brain-scanning machine that would reveal the

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