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Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Track acrylamide source from polyacrylamide gel that used in Hydraulic fracturing by stable isotopes method.

g the deposition as well as the transportation of this acrylamide release from the unknown source, and the aim is to determine if the source is either from hydraulic fracturing field or other industries.

Acrylamide is known to be an industrial chemical that is majorly used in poly-acrylamide production. In this case, the poly-acrylamide is primarily applied as flocculants for treating industrial and municipal effluents as well as clarifying drinking water (Haberman 2002. O’Neil et al. 2006. Abdelmagid 1982. EPA 2006).The release of acrylamide to the environment could be during its application and production. The main source of acrylamide contamination in drinking water is from the residual monomers that are released from the coagulants of poly-acrylamide (Abdelmagid 1982. Cavalli et al. 2004. EPA 2006c. WHO 2003).It can as well be released from genetic lab, hydraulic fracturing field, dye and plastic industries. It is very rare to identify acrylamide in atmospheric samples due to its high water solubility and low pressure (WHO 2003).It is expected to see acrylamide being highly mobile in water and soil(WHO 2002) and it is known to be more prone to biodegradation both in surface water and soils(WHO 2008).Acrylamide is known to be found in at least 3 of 1,699 hazardous waste sites suggested to be included on the EPA National Priorities List(NPL(HazDat 2007).The evaluated number of sites for acrylamide however is unknown. Both bacterial and fungal species that are found in the soil have the capacity of degrading poly-acrylamide. The degradation could be rapid in the laboratory and it is observed to be slower in the in the field. Ultraviolet radiations that come from sunlight can degrade poly-acrylamide in the environment .Tilling as well as other shearing forces could also degrade poly-acrylamide in the environment. When this poly-acrylamide is degraded, it can have adverse effects to living organisms including human. Acrylamide is considered to be a carcinogen

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