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I will pay for the following essay Law of Digital Evidence. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Additionally, computers are known to save some files irrespective of the user having deleted them or considered them eliminated from the device. Such observations allow for the complicating the entire process of promoting a search warrant on these devices. It further suggests that computer devices may not be classified along the regards or presentation of general warrants. It also implies that the interest of attributing computer searches to a different set of warrants acknowledges their unique qualities (Jarrett and Bailie, 100-114).

Computers are general hubs of extremely personal information. They are considered to host information that defines individuals in a wholesome manner. They, further, have customized safety measures to allow for the protection of the contained information. Such attributes allow for the reflection of the personal nature of the information hosted or stored in these devices. Additionally, computers are utilized extensively in the expression of their users. Such is achieved via the extensive programs that are installed in these devices. The observations map these devices as rather unique to be subjected to the plain view of a search warrant (Jarrett and Bailie, 112).

The decision over the approach that is considered to affect the respective computer devices remain advised by the nature of the information that aspires to be extracted. Apparently, search warrants are developed to in anticipation of the information to be established. Such observations regarding the particulars of these searches allows them to be regarded as rather exceptional from routine searches. The concern is further complicated by the elemental superiority associated to computers, especially on user security. Additionally, computers remain regarded as the best exemplification of personal space. The implication of these thoughts proposes the enforcement of a search warrant on these devices. However, the warrant should not be regarded or spelt under the

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