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gy centrally in the classroom, even at the beginning ESL level, as many researchers in the current environment have observed computer literate classes, and have research questions about how much students need access to this technology.

In terms of the technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPCK),

the efficiency of different types of bilingual programs, such as immersion programs, is also a factor that can be argued in how effective a technology integration program is, rather than just looking at the age of students in relation to their performance of native like speaking. Since this is mainly a theory-based type of question that collates data with theoretical perspectives and seeks to ground the theory in the use of technology, this is not a mixed type question that employs both quantitative and qualitative elements which could be approached by an experiment like a post-test experiment. Most of the existing literature in supply seems to stress the notion that ESL teaching needs to stay within the target language rather than being bilingual.

Studies have found that assessment is of utmost importance, so a focus on assessment in ESL classrooms is essential. “An injudicious adoption of first language (Li) based reading models to explain the development of ESL reading has also been questioned, as has the argument that accurate assessment of reading difficulties among L2 learners cannot be achieved without evaluating performance in the Li, or without first ensuring adequate L2 proficiency” (Geva, 2000). This experience can be related to what the teacher has learned about ESL learners and how they interact with material as well as the benefits of face to face interaction.

Geva relates ESL acquisition to things like the development of literacy. “There is a growing concern over the ability of the educational system to meet the needs of the increasingly diverse multiethnic, multilingual classroom. Prominent among these needs is the acquisition of

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