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The stories described by Sophocles and Plato about Oedipus, the literary character, and Socrates, one of the founders of Western philosophy, prove the above-mentioned. More specifically, their examples show that it is not fate, circumstances, or external influence but their own actions taken voluntarily (acts of autonomy) that have determined their final moments.

In the majority of cases, those who read or at least heard the story of Oedipus tend to think that the king is a fool of circumstances and that it is his fate that has played a low-down trick with him. However, the analysis of his decisions, reasoning, and motives shows that it is his behaviour and choices that led to his misery. In other words, Oedipus’ last moments are determined by his free will, or autonomy. No one would deny the fact that the role of circumstances in his life is marginal. In fact, they play a leading role in his life almost up till the moment of truth when the plague comes to the city. While conducting the investigation of the murder of Laius, Oedipus has several opportunities to escape from learning the truth. He loses these opportunities voluntarily though.

The first time there appears a possibility to deceive the fate and leave the truth behind is Oedipus’ conversation with Teiresias, the prophet. The latter warns the king that the truth is horrid, and so it is better leave out the idea to get to know what has actually happened: “It will be easiest for us both to bear our several destinies to the end if you will follow my advice” (Sophocles, 2012). In fact, throughout the entire conversation, Teiresias claims the king should stop asking but Oedipus does not listen to him. As a result, Oedipus learns he is the murderer he is looking for.

Oedipus does not believe Teiresias and decides to delve deeply into the investigation. Jocasta, his mother and wife, joins the conversation. This time, it is she that tries to convince the king “not to concern

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