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Write a 7 page essay on Researched Argumentative Essay about following topic, Should it be legal to sell human organs (during life/after death).

Deaths that could be prevented by legalizing organ trade, pitting the merits of legalizing organ trade against the disadvantages of making it illegal. Legalizing the trade will save lives, activities of the black market will be erased, and organs will be available at cheaper prices for all.


there is a problem caused by the high demand for transplants yet a shortage looms in terms of supply. Donations of organs by the deceased are affected by the legal system of countries and the socio-cultural factors. Even in developed countries where deceased organ donations are high, they fail to meet the growing demand. The use of live donors for kidneys and livers transplants is carried out, but the practice is termed illegal in many countries creating black markets for such scarce organs.

Many arguments have been passed whether to legalize or not the trade, from medical, financial, legal and other points of view. All the countries are against legalizing organ trade except Iran. Other nations around the world have some laws when it comes to organ trade whether through legislation or outright ban and who can make donations. Presumed consent is being used by other countries to increase the supply of these vital organs which has been adopted by a country like France. Schemes have been developed by the government to compensate those who donate organs and coming up with legal initiatives to collect organs despite being involved in it being illegal. China is among the countries that have violated human rights in relation to organ trade where cases of kidnappings have been reported, strict and prohibitive laws and policies, have been passed to regulate the trade. (Kluger 42)

In the world hot spot countries, The Times has identified where the black market of the organ trade takes place. They include South America in which illegal transplantation became an issue in Brazil. In a routine medical checkup, a patient was removed a kidney. South Africa: the less

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