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One of the physical activities that I think is beneficial for keeping the balance between the mind and the body is basketball. It has a lot of advantages that I have learned myself personally when I became a member of a basketball team in high school. My experience as a member of the team has shaped me into the kind of person I am today. Physically and mentally, basketball made me become a stronger and healthier person since this game does not only require one to be endure the pains of running and keeping up with the other players, but the mental skills of calculating distances and strategies in order to win the game. It demands passion, team work, and trust in oneself as well as the other members of the team.

I have been playing basketball for at least seven years now and I find it to be a unique sport. Through my experience over the years, I have found that my mind has become more mature and so have my skills. By participating in basketball matches since I was eleven, I have found that practice is not the only key to winning a game. By studying the other team’s strengths and identifying their weaknesses, we gain more advantage over winning the game. Although basketball requires learning several physical skills, players’ should also train and hone its mental skills since the game demands analytical skills as well. As Gladwell and Crawford argue, physical activities require imagination, creativity as well as&nbsp.flexibility rather than blindly following textbook knowledge. Like any other amateur players, basketball superstars started as any other basketball enthusiast who simply loves the sport. The only difference is that these superstars were humble enough to admit their weaknesses that they used it on their advantage. They worked hard to further develop their strengths and worked even harder to overcome their weaknesses.

In The Physical Genius, Malcolm Gladwell shares the secret of how &nbsp.Michael Jordan, the lord of basketball

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