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Write a 4 page essay on How can a manager motivate a workforce and what are the major benefits of this to a company Support your answer with examples.

esponsibility of motivation because a certain percentage argues that it is the responsibility of the employee to motivate him or herself while others argue that an employer is responsible for motivating the employees (Dell 1993).

Hence, employees’ motivation is crucial for any kind of organisation. Lack of motivation can be detrimental to an organisation as it would lead to decrease in production, morale and customers. Diverse theories have emerged to show different motivation strategies that are necessary in organisations (Daft 2011). At times, individuals reach a point in their working lives when the level of motivation reduces especially due to personality that has a major contribution on the attitudes they have in their working places. In such cases, managers and supervisors have no control over personal attitudes, but can be able to handle those that ignite employee into losing their motivation for instance poor payment and poor working condition.

Conversely, numerous factors cause employees to lack motivation especially when working in an environment that is not bored and lacking the necessary trust for the management. In addition, the fact that employees are not given chances to learn new skills and grow within an organisation are great contributors to lack of motivation.

According to Lauby 2005, motivation of employees requires time as most of the employees are not motivated in the same ways. In essence, employee motivation depends on the priorities that they have in life. Once the managers understand the values of employees then rewarding becomes simpler. Of importance to note is that, motivation depends with individuals, values, and motivation factors of managers may be different from those of employees. Moreover, money is one of the most powerful tools in employee motivation. Consequently, this had not been the case as most organisations are said to underpay their employees when the employees have greatly contributed to the welfare of the

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