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I will pay for the following essay Goals and Objectives. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

I was very excited and enthusiastic about this job as it would land me an opportunity to meet new people and learn about their lifestyles. It would also help me to improve my interpersonal, communication skills and confidence. Everyday I used to meet number of people and my interaction with them helped me improve my English language as well.

I knew that if I excelled in that job, it would serve as a stepping stone for many greater things ahead in my future. It would make my personality better and make me more presentable in front of people. This job was a good opportunity to get the basic training needed to succeed in this industry. My aim was to gain as much confidence as possible and improve my interpersonal skills from this position and then seek a higher position such as team leader or assistant manager.

The nature of my job as a sales advisor, as stated earlier, involved meeting many people during the day. This has taught me many things and has changed me as an individual. I have learned to be more patient in life and how to deal with tensed and stressful situations in a calm, composed manner. For example. I am often faced with the challenge of satisfying many customers’ demands at the same time. These kinds of situations have also taught me to think quickly and respond to difficult situations. I have learned to think fast and say the appropriate thing in difficult situations. This job has given me the opportunity to improve my communication skills.

When I started working at Superdrug, the company started organizing seminars for new employees. A personal trainer was appointed to me to guide me through the initial days of my job at the respective company. Around that time, the assistant manager gave me a book that I was supposed to complete and submit by the end of December that year. This book had around 100 pages in it, consisting of questions related to my job, about the company, its products and company policies etc. I carried out this

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