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I will pay for the following essay Handling Difficult Conversations. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Employees are engaged in gossip with each other. Due to gossiping, the employees were not able to focus in their work. Additionally, avoidance of the situation has led to inefficiency in the work procedure, which further was identified to be accountable for unproductivity. This was hampering the work culture and environment of the workplace.

As a Human Resource (HR) manager to overcome the situation, a meeting was organized with the employees. In the meeting, an interaction was developed in order to determine the reasons for gossiping during working hours in order to develop an appropriate strategy to overcome the difficult situation. In this respect, I have implemented an effective communication strategy of motivation based on which the employees would be able to develop respect and compassion amid employees and accordingly, they will be able perform their operations productively. Subsequently, the strategy aided in squashing the habit of gossiping amid employees (Guo & Sanchez, 2005).

Difficult conversation is identified as a process of communicating messages that are accountable for raising confusion, pain, embarrassment, fear or anxiety amid employees in a workplace (Harvard Business School Publishing, 2014). Difficult conversation can be mitigated through good communication process between managers and subordinates from top level along with middle level managers to labor groups. In this regard, managers should adopt different communication techniques that include manage self, manage conversation and manage relationship (Edmondson & Smith, 2006). Additionally, communication process is required to be based on three important factors that include temperance, clarity and neutrality (Weeks, 2001).

In this context, the strategies of managing self, conversation and relationship with the assistance of effective communication would facilitate in managing difficult conversation successfully. Communicating at regular interval with

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