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Compose a 500 words essay on What is racial color blindness Why, according to these authors, is color blindness problematic How does color blindness relate to public policy What is your view of race relations in general and of color blindness in particular. Needs to be plagiarism free!

The issue concerning color blindness is however problematic. According to Nobel (1), attempting to overcome racial discrimination or prejudice by ignoring race may not be an effective strategy. Nobel (1) further notes that in several instances, racial color blindness actually perpetuates a bias. Nobel (1) suggests that experimental research shows that individuals who actively avoid the race subject are the ones perceived as the racially biased. This is a stark contrast to the racial colorblindness logic and policies that an individual’s ability to fail to even notice race ensures that the individual cannot act in a racist manner. Nobel (1) further adds that the problem with the notion is that people naturally notice racial differences without regarding their employer’s policy.

On the other hand, Apfelbaum et al. (205) acknowledge the problem with the racial color blindness approach. Although the authors acknowledge that other studies have questioned this approach, they attempt to document the implications and practice of color blindness in a wide variety of interpersonal, organizational, educational, societal and legal contexts. The authors agree that multiculturalism, which is often proposed as a strategy for dealing with racial prejudice, is an effective strategy. However, the authors contend that even though the multiculturalism is effective in certain instances, it has its own shortcomings (Apfelbaum et al. 205).

Racial color blindness has significant relevance with respect to public policy in terms of the educational context, organizational, legal, and societal color blindness. According to Apfelbaum (206), the color blind approach is manifested in various levels of the U.S. educational system. It is reflected in how districts are allowed to regulate the diversity of their education institutions, reinforced by standard

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