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Write 3 page essay on the topic How can you demonstrate understanding of an issue(s) and/or a theme(s) from our close reading of The Road by Cormac McCarthy through a fictional creative writing piece.

The reasons for the separation are oblique, and that is why the man has no choice but keep guessing and holding on to the hope that one day they will meet and share the moment.

Acknowledging they cannot survive the approaching winter where they are, the father takes the infant south, along vacant streets towards the ocean, conveying the small belonging in their rucksacks and in a store truck. They search for the mother to the child along the way, but they could not trace her anywhere. The man hacks blood repeatedly and inevitably understands he is passing on, yet still battles to shield his child from the steady dangers of assault, presentation, and starvation (McCarthy 34). The moments are tough for the two. On the other side, the mother to the infant is enjoying life after she went to the eastern part of the country. She makes new friends, and all the encounters in the eastern part mention no attachment to a family.

They have a gun, yet just two rounds. The infant knows not what that is yet the father is heard explaining to the child to utilize the weapon on himself, if essential, to abstain from falling under the control of man-eaters. Amid their trek, the father uses one shot to execute a man who makes the father angry by claiming he understands why the mother to the child had to run away. Moreover, he proceeds to mock the man about how her wife kept cheating on him, and now she has run away with the other lover. Anger drives the father into killing and together with the son escape from the mans mates. they need to surrender the greater part of their belonging to flee with ease.

As they are close to surrendering life due to starvation, the man finds an intact concealed underground fortification loaded with sustenance, new garments, and different supplies. On the other hand, it is excessively uncovered, so they just stay a couple of days (McCarthy 177). Even with these obstructions, the man more than

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