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The Benefits of eBusiness and Marketing

1. Take each of the benefits below and try to think of a business that you are aware of where these benefits would be particularly significant and where the business would or has embraced e-Business. The business can be a small- to medium-sized local business to you, or a major multi-national – it’s up to you! As we are studying, eBusiness is any business that is conducting activity using electronic media, web, social media, etc. For example, Amazon is a good example of an organization that has embraced eBusiness.

You may either use 1 company that meets all criteria or if you like, you may use multiple organizations where the elements of eBusiness listed are significant and ones that they embraced. It is up to you, but ensure you have specific examples for all of the benefits listed with detailed explanations.

  • The opportunity to reduce costs of production by reducing overheads – for example, not having a retail outlet in a busy high street location with high rents, reducing stock costs etc
  • The opportunity to increase sales
  • The opportunity to access new markets across the globe
  • The chance to target market segments more effectively
  • Provide more accurate information and improve customer service experience
  • Improves the efficiency of the supply chain
  • Improve employee motivation through more flexible working methods
  • Allowing 24/7 access to the firm’s products and services
  • Provides convenience and comfort for customers

2. Question #2 is as follows and is not related to Question #1 (it is a separate and unique question). Research a hotel on Tripadvisor (name the hotel you researched in your Assignment) and then answer (1) how the hotel might react to the existence of such sites (like Tripadvisor) and (2) are there ways that the existence of such information contained on the site helps the hotel create new business opportunities? Please thoroughly answer all of the questions being asked.

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