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However, he lost the glory when he admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs during his successes.

Armstrong’s life events illustrate that sports progress the foreign policies and public image. Corporations use athletes because of their fame to promote brands across the globe. Likewise, athletes promote political systems or political goals of their nations. Therefore, bad behavior such as doping taints the countries or firms public image. The actions also affect profit margins of the sponsoring businesses. Hence, this explains why the corporations terminated their promotion agreements with the athlete. Lance Armstrong acted as a symbol of national unity and promoter of social change. Many citizens and especially looked up to him for inspiration. In addition, the cancer treatment project served to provide hope for the ill regardless of their social classes. In the contemporary society, successful athletes facilitate social change such as motivational talks, encourage people to register and vote and discourage drug abuse among citizens (Sage & Eitzen, 2013). Hence, the public expect the successful athletes to live by example. An unfortunate scenario like Armstrong’s use of drugs led to public mistrust.

However, the public and political aspirations influence the athletes’ behavior. Sportsmen and women represent their nations to the world. Their success depicts a country political, economic and social prosperity. Therefore, governments offer rewards to entice their athletes. Multinationals also reward the victors with lucrative deals as brand ambassadors. In addition, some receive appointments to serve in important sectors. The enthusiasm to win pushes the athletes to cheat or use drugs. In regards to Armstrong’s case, he admitted using the drugs for over a decade. It meant that he based his entire career on drugs a fact that he denied on several occasions. The issue raises questions like, what government policies and sports regulations are available

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