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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Compare and contrast the consequences of World Wars 1 and 2 for the United States and its citizens. It needs to be at least 750 words.

The overall losses incurred by US as a result of its involvement in war were however, small as compared to the massive destruction faced by Europe.

One of the most important consequences of the World War 1 was the increase in military posture of America in the world. Over the period of the war, US established itself as one of the suppliers of military equipment to the allies and established itself as one of the emerging manufacturing economy of the world. War also resulted into massive transfer of wealth from Europe to America as US not only provided equipment and military support but also offered loans. As a result of this, American economy got a boost as transfer of wealth has resulted into increased revenue for the government and also created jobs.

At the social level, for Americans, war however, brought significant racial differences and social divisions. German Americans were harassed as well as racial tension gripped specially the migration of Southern Blacks. On home front, World War 1 therefore was something which further highlighted the differences between Americans within American society.

Overall economic progressed was witnessed by the Americans as farmers put in more and more acreage to the use of the crops which were being readily sold. Gross farm income increased and as a result of this, the overall prosperity increased for ordinary Americans despite the fact that War has also brought losses in terms of shifting most of the government resources to the war.

Though Second World War was fought far from the American borders but it believed to have created more lasting impacts on the American society as compared to the impact First World War had. In terms of the overall impact, second Great War had more serious and far reaching consequences for US.

It is important to note that US was largely unprepared for Second World War and was forced to enter into the war when it was attacked by Japan. In first

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